Are you struggling to get new leads at the moment?

Now, more than ever is when we need to have our lead generation strategies in full swing.

I’m hearing it from people on a regular basis, not only within my industry but beyond…. People are holding onto their purse strings… and tight!


This doesn’t mean that there are no leads, or clients out there. Because the planet if filled with billions of people and chances are that you only need a very small percentage of potential clients out there!

And the businesses that have a crystal clear strategy, sales process, niche and point of difference will by far surpass those who don’t.

In saying this, there are a number of organic strategies that you can use straight away to start generating leads for your business. (Shhhh… a few of these are a little bit secret!) You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on ad spend per month to generate leads, especially when you need to close a deal NOW!

So, what are some of these strategies? Okies…

  1. Go to every previous client that you know. Call them and ask them, “Who do you know who is looking at building right now?” Notice that I didn’t say “Do you know anyone?”. It’s a totally different psychological perspective. They are far more likely to answer your question this way.
  2. Align yourself with various architects, draftspeople, engineers, etc. You’re probably saying to yourself right now, “But I’ve already done that!”. And you may well have done, but there’s nothing wrong with shooting them an email with an updated brochure then giving them a follow up call. Mostly these professionals are so busy with their own work, you may think they automatically think of you but chances are that they won’t. Always keep yourself at the forefront of their minds.
  3. If you’re on social media, (and you should be!) then start looking for Groups on Facebook and Instagram, and steal or befriend their followers! (Not really stealing, just a strategy). Say a builder is looking for new clients, he would steal his competitors followers as well as people that are aligned with architects. Start thinking outside the box a little bit. If you’re a plumber, where does your ideal client hang out when they are on social media? This will start engaging more people on your social media, where you can play around with various other strategies in time including paid ads.

There’s just a few of the organic strategies that I teach my clients. Give them a go! You should be able to conjure up at least one lead from these strategies… and what is one lead worth to you per year? Be worth it I’d say considering the above strategies don’t cost a thing.

Tamika 😊